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BRAHMS : The Boy 2


When a young family moves to the Heelshire's residence, terror strikes when a boy from the family discovers a doll called Brahms that appears to be eerily human.​ 


The Invisible Man


WHAT'S IT ABOUT?  After staging his own suicide, a crazed scientist uses his power to become invisible to stalk and terrorize his ex-girlfriend. When the police refuse to believe her story, she decides to take matters into her own hands and fight back.

What's Happening?

He'll Drink To That


Ed Sheeran has good news brewing on two different fronts -- a partial reopening of his London pub and a new venture making beer at his rural estate.

Bertie Blossoms, which shut earlier this spring after England closed restaurants during the coronavirus lockdown, will start doing take-out orders on Thursday -- focusing on drinks and their specialty sausage rolls. But since he doesn't live in London, Ed has also found a way to quench his thirst at home -- by taking up home brewing.

A source tells Britain's Sun, “Ed loves his beer, especially his real ales and craft beers. He’s had a few kits delivered and has been having fun making his own drinks. They aren’t too bad but he doesn’t think any of the major breweries have got anything to worry about just yet.”


Their Way


If you believe that bigger is better, you'll love an idea that Backstreet Boys linchpin Nick Carter is tossing around -- an all-star group that would be the biggest boy band in history.

Nick is pondering a benefit project that would thrill fans. He tells Hollywood Life, "I thought it would be really cool to do like a ‘We Are the World’ song and find a specific charity, something that really would help people in time of need. Maybe that would be a way to try to bring in groups like 'N Sync, all the other boy bands and other artists."

While he admits this won't happen overnight, Nick says, "I believe that towards the end of the year, people are going to hopefully really want to come together and help each other and lift each other’s spirits up, but we’ll see.”


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