Quick On The Draw


Autodraw is really cool. You start sketching something, and then the website figures out what you're trying to draw.


Puppy Power


Kids begging for a puppy is nothing new. In fact, according to research, starting at around age 6, the average kid will beg their parents for a dog about 11 times a month – or about 1,600 times before they turn 18. The begging gets even more intense around the holidays. 62% of kids who’ve asked their parents for a dog get even more persistent during the holiday season, asking seven more times per month. And this year, that persistence may pay off. One-third of parents surveyed said they are planning to get their child a puppy this holiday season. (SWNS)

Stay & Chill

Feel free to hang right here

Enjoy a puzzle or two. Find out an interesting fact or pick up some information you can use in your life. It doesn't matter what you want to do here, just as long as you have some fun.

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