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Back in 2016, Ben and Addie Pascal of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, adopted a little girl named Naomi, who was living at an orphanage in Ethiopia. Before Naomi came to the United States, Ben and Addie sent her a teddy bear. It was their first gift to her.

After Naomi arrived, the family took many family trips to places like Rwanda, Croatia and Greece. The bear -- named Teddy -- went along for the ride, seeing the world along with Naomi.

About a year ago, during a trip to Glacier National Park in Montana, Teddy went missing. Ben, Addie and Naomi feared that this special bear was lost forever.

Luckily, park rangers discovered Teddy buried in the snow near a hiking trail. They noticed that Teddy was in rough shape and were tempted to just throw the toy away.

But, Ranger Tom Mazzarisi had the impulse to hold onto Teddy and bring the stuffed animal home to his cabin throughout the winter months.

When Tom returned to work in April, he put Teddy on the dash of his patrol truck.

Wouldn’t you know it? A family friend of the Pascals visited the park in autumn -- and recognized Teddy, sitting in Tom’s truck.

The park rangers returned Teddy, along with a junior park ranger badge and a ranger hat. One year after going missing -- against all odds -- Teddy was finally back home ... and back in Naomi's arms

Teddy Bear

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