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Marcus Moore of Annapolis, Maryland, is on the autism spectrum and has worked at a number of local grocery stores through the years. He has made it a goal to grow and be self-sufficient.

About six months ago, Marcus recently took a big step toward that goal by starting his very own pretzel company -- called "Moore Crunch."

He chose to get into the pretzel business for two simple reasons: he likes snacking and he likes pretzels.

His passion for snacking and pretzels is now paying off. The pretzel flavors he created and sells are Cinnamon Sugar, Maryland Crab, Garlic Ranch, Buffalo and Smokehouse Ranch. The products are now available in several stores and business is booming.

With his newfound success, Marcus planning his next steps, which include finding a commercial kitchen and hiring other people with autism or disabilities to help him.

As his business grows, Marcus hopes to inspire people like him, with autism, to follow their dreams.

"I could hire those that are like me, autism or not, just to show that you can do anything," Marcus said. "I really love making pretzels. This business helps me. It makes me happy. It brings joy, smiles and it's fun." (WBAL-TV)

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